Do you want to shape the Digital Transformation, or should it shape you?

mop - Dear reader, the Digital Transformation is unstoppable. We interact with algorithms every day – voluntarily and involuntarily. Sometimes this is good for us, sometimes it is not. In each case we cannot escape this reality. Not only in our [0] blog [1] but also in the real world [2] we want to shape the Digital Transformation […]

Gespräch mit Thomas Matzner über die digitale Transformation

GS -   Thomas Matzner ist ehemaliger Chairman des German Chapter of the ACM. Beim Symposium Mensch-Sein mit Algorithmen wird er das Panel moderieren. Gerhard Schimpf hat ihn zum Thema digitale Transformation befragt. Gerhard Schimpf (GS): Thomas, vielen Dank, dass Du Dich für ein Interview über das Themengebiet unseres Symposiums zur Verfügung gestellt hast. Einige Leser kennen […]

Being Human with Algorithms: Marc-Oliver Pahl interviews Vinton G. Cerf

mop -   Vinton G. Cerf co-designed the TCP/IP protocols and the architecture of the Internet and is Chief Internet Evangelist for Google.   He is a member of the National Science Board and National Academy of Engineering and Foreign Member of the British Royal Society and Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering, and Fellow of ACM, IEEE, AAAS, and […]

Wenn Technologie allein alles bestimmt, können wir nur in den Wald ziehen …

RS - “Mythen der Digitalisierung” war der Titel eines Vortrags, der mich auf Prof. Sascha Friesike aufmerksam machte. Sascha Friesike forscht als Assitant Professor am KIN Center for Digital Innovation der VU Universität Amsterdam und als assoziierter Forscher am Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft in Berlin. Seine Forschung beschäftigt sich damit, wie Neues entsteht, […]

Interview with Katharine Jarmul about the Digitization

GS - Katharine Jarmul is a data scientist and co-founder of KIProtect, a data security and privacy company for data science workflows in Berlin, Germany. She researches and is passionate about ethical machine learning, data privacy and information security.  Gerhard Schimpf (GS): Katharine, thank you very much that you accepted our invitation to speak at our Symposium […]

Gespräch mit Haio Röckle über die digitale Transformation

GS - Haio Röckle ist Mathematiker und Professor an der Fachhochschule Ludwigshafen am Rhein. Zurzeit leitet er als Dekan den Fachbereich Dienstleistungen und Consulting. Für das German Chapter of the ACM organisiert er die jährliche IT-Security live Konferenz mit. Gerhard Schimpf hat ihn zum Thema digitale Transformation befragt. Gerhard Schimpf (GS): Haio, vielen Dank, dass Du Dich […]

Being Human with Algorithms: Marc-Oliver Pahl interviews Martin Hellman

mop - Martin Hellman is best known for his role in inventing public key cryptography, the technology that enables secure Internet transactions. He also has contributed to the computer privacy debate, and was a key participant in the “first crypto war” of the late 1970s. He has authored over seventy technical papers, twelve US patents and a […]

Artist Manfred Mohr talks about the Digital Transformation

GS - Manfred Mohr is an internationally renowned pioneer of digital art. He was one of the first artists to replace brushes and canvas with computers and plotters. Among his numerous awards is the ACM SIGGRAPH Distinguished Artist Award for Lifetime Achievement in Digital Art, which he received in 2013. He was honored by the ZKM / […]

Being Human with Algorithms: Marc-Oliver Pahl interviews Alan Kay

mop - Alan Kay is best known for pioneering personal and laptop computers, and the inventions of the now ubiquitous overlapping-window interface (GUI), and modern object-oriented programming, as part of the larger Advanced Research Projects Agency and Xerox PARC research communities. He likes to say “No one owes more to his research community than I do”. His […]

Mensch Sein mit Algorithmen: Marc-Oliver Pahl interviewt Albert Endres

mop -   Marc-Oliver Pahl (MOP): Lieber Herr Endres, ich freue mich ganz besonders, Sie als Gründungsmitglied des German Chapter of the ACM heute interviewen zu dürfen. Bitte stellen Sie sich unseren Lesern kurz vor. Albert Endres (AE): Seit 1956 befasse ich mich mit Computern, und zwar zuerst mit der IBM 650 als Austauschstudent in den USA. […]

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