Do you want to shape the Digital Transformation, or should it shape you?

Marc-Oliver Pahl (Foto: Heddergott/ TUM)

Dear reader,

the Digital Transformation is unstoppable. We interact with algorithms every day – voluntarily and involuntarily. Sometimes this is good for us, sometimes it is not. In each case we cannot escape this reality. Not only in our [0] blog [1] but also in the real world [2] we want to shape the Digital Transformation together with you!

I am happy to announce that after more than one year of hard work, my team and I finally have the full program for our symposium together and it became amazing! [2]

With our symposium “Mensch-Sein mit Algorithmen/ Being Human with Algorithms” we address key topics of today’s discussion on the Digital Transformation, such as Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm Ethics, Big Data, Internet of Things, Autonomous Driving, Social Responsibility, Robot Assisted Living, Industry 4.0, Privacy, and many more.

The topic concerns each one of us, also you! It is highly relevant that we as society discuss about these topics now! It is our future and the Digital Transformation affects everything in it!

We have to shape our Digital Transformation or others will do so.

I cordially invite you to participate at our symposium in Heidelberg in September 20th and 21st! [2]

Alan Turing is one of the key figures of the computerization of our world. Therefore the world’s largest scientific and educational computing society, the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) named the most prestigious Informatics award, the Oscar of Computer Science, after him. We, the German Chapter of the ACM celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2018! At our symposium in Heidelberg you will have the chance to meet two Turing award winners:

  • Vint Cerf (Google), who literally invented the infrastructure you are using every day, the Internet.
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Hellman (Stanford), who invented central security mechanisms that make our digital lives safer, and who is very engaged in highly relevant topics such as denuclearization.

Though definitely being a highlight, the other speakers and the exhibition definitely do not have to hide behind the two!

As ACM member you can apply for free tickets [3] that are kindly sponsored by the ACM Europe Council (CECL).

We have reduced tickets available for those only wanting to spend the Thursday evening only [4], for listening to Vint Cerf (Google), one of the fathers of the Internet who will tell us something about the “Unfinished Internet“.

We have full tickets available [5] for those also wanting to hear the interesting viewpoints of Martin Arend (BMW)Katharine Jarmul (KIProtect),  Prof. Dr. Peter Weibel (ZKM),  Prof. Dr. Michael Strube (HITS),  Prof. Dr. Martin Hellman (Stanford)Prof. Dr. Alexander Filipović (Hochschule für Philosophie), and  Prof. Dr. Franziska Boehm (Leibniz-Institute for Information Infrastructure).

For those of you joining Friday [5], I am very happy that besides fantastic talks we will have a satellite exhibition from the ZKM at the Studio Villa Bosch that will be introduced by one of the artists, Dr. Bernd Lintermann (ZKM)!

The Digital Transformation happens now, and it should not happen without us – let’s shape it together! Come to the symposium!

Sincerely yours Dr. Marc-Oliver Pahl
(lead organizer)

p.s.: We are very happy if you help us spreading the word! [6]

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Marc-Oliver Pahl founded "Being Human with Algorithms / Mensch Sein mit Algorithmen" in 2018 within the German Chapter of the ACM together with Gerhard Schimpf, Ruth Stubenvoll, Ernst-Oliver Wilhelm, and Eberhard Schmolz. He is also the originator of the motto and the logo. Marc-Oliver is Research Director at the Institut Mines Telecom (IMT) Atlantique in Rennes, France. He also heads the IoT Smart Space Orchestration team at Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany. His research is on enabling an open, secure, and fully connected Internet of Things, where everybody can contribute software programs that literally change the world. Fostering a dialog between technology leaders and the rest of the society is a central goal of Marc-Oliver. Besides this website, a major contribution in this direction is his interview series with relevant people about aspects of the Digital Transformation. Marc-Oliver holds several teaching prices including the Ernst Otto Fischer prize for excellence in teaching. He is responsible for the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) "iLabX - The Internet Masterclass" ( on edX. It teaches the technical aspects of the backbone of the Digital Transformation: the Internet. Marc-Oliver is a long time member of is a professional member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the German Society for Informatics (GI), the Deutscher Hochschullehrerverband (DHV), the German Chapter of the ACM, and Faculty Sponsor of the ACM Student Chapter in Munich. He is vice president of the German Chapter of the ACM (2020-2023). In his spare time he is also a photographer, designer, musician, and enthusiastic sportsman.

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